How To Unblock Youtube
How To Unblock Youtube

Today in many school, college and organization had block the Youtube on their server. This is only to make sure that their employees is not wasting their important time on watching youtube videos online. The actual thing that works in behind is this your server request. The collefe,school or any organizations just target the server request to youtube website and blocks it. So today i am here with cool methods by which you actually use the Youtube, no problem its blocked on your server. This method will work everywhere. The basic thing that will work here is proxy server that will send the request from the server other than your default server and the site blocker will not detect it and you can easily bypass blocked youtube in your computer system.

How To Unblock Youtube

Today youtube is a very huge video streaming network where apart from entertainment we can also see some educationl videos so to make it possible i am here with some methods that will definately work for you to unblock Youtube. Just follow the below methods to proceed.

#1 Method Using VPN Software in your Computer To Unblock Youtube Videos

In this method you will be using the VPN software that will help you to send your server request other than your default location and you will be able to access youtube in your computer. The Best Vpn Softwares are as :-

  1. Hotspot Sheild :- This is one of the old and best Vpn For Pc, you can download it and can choose any of random server and can access youtube in your computer. Download Hotspot Sheild From here.
  2. Air VPN :- This is another good Vpn software that will perform same function as of hotspot sheild and also provides you privacy over the internet.. Download Air Vpn from here.
  3. Private Tunnel :- You can try this also which is again a Vpn to ensure your privacy and access blocked websites.Download Private Tunnel From here.

#2 Method Using Vpn Extensions in Google Chrome to Unblock Youtube

  1. Browsec :- This is one of the best chrome extensions 2015. This extension get added in your google chrome and gives you a list of for different server in browser directly and you can choose any of them and can access Blocked Youtube. Donwload browsec from here.
  2. Hola Vpn :- This is also very popular vpn used from few years back and it will do the work for you to access the blocked youtube in your computer. Download it from here.

#3 Method Using Proxy Websites to Unblock Youtube

Today there are many websites that proxify the url that you can directly open in your blocked network to access the websites. Below i have listed few of them in which you just have to paste the link of site and then open the proxify address of the respective site.

Must Check – Best Proxy Server Sites


So above are the methods for How To Unblock Youtube 2015 in your school,college and in any of the organization. you just have to follow the simple and easy steps in all the method discussed above and you can easily access the blocked youtube in your mobile 0r computer. Also if you face any trouble then leave a comment below.