Top Programming Languages Learned By Hackers
Top Programming Languages Learned By Hackers

Hacker is a person who uses computers in order to get unauthorized access to data. Hacking is not a crime unless and until you do it for illegal activities. Stealing data and hacking into networks are not the only things that hacker does. So, we have mentioned some programming languages below which are learned by hackers for different purposes.

A hacker should know multiple programming languages. Different applications and website which you use are programmed in a specific computer language. Even wondered that what is the first priority for hackers to carry various attacks, they first learn and understand its language and then make use of its vulnerabilities. So, hackers learn programming languages before proceeding further to perform the task.

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Top Programming Languages Learned By Hackers

There are numerous computer languages, same applies to hacking, there are different programming languages that hackers usually learn for the purpose of hacking and it also depends upon the target. They are divided into three parts:

  1. Web Hacking
  2. Exploit Writing
  3. Reverse Engineering

#1 Web Hacking

When the hacker has the intention to hack websites and applications, he/she learns the web coding like HTML, CSS, and Javascript as the majority of websites are built by using these languages. It allows a hacker to get a firm hold on the coding of the website or application.


It is a markup language used widely for describing web pages. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. By learning HTML, hacker is able to understand web actions, response etc.


It is the programming language of HTML and the Web. It is used widely in websites for preferable interface and quick response. By learning Javascript, a hacker can understand client side mechanism which is necessary for finding client side flaws.


It is a server side scripting language used in web development and is also used as a general purpose programming language. It manages web apps and database. It almost controls everything on site and server.


SQL stands for Structured Query Language is a special-purpose programming language used for managing data held in a relational database management system [RDBMS]. It is behind for managing sensitive information like user credentials, bank details, user details etc. To steal the sensitive details, hackers eyes to attack SQL of a website.

#2 Exploit Writing


It is widely used in general purpose and high level programming language. Hacker should know Python as it is responsible for creating exploits and tools. Its design philosophy stresses code readability.


It is a dynamic, reflective, object oriented and general purpose programming language. It is used for various purposes but it is generally used for Web Applications as Ruby on Rails framework.


It is a family of high level, general purpose, dynamic programming language. It is used for exploit writing. With Perl, a hacker is able to find many exploits if written in PERL. However, it is very complicated language and it was earlier called as duct tape of Internet.

Reverse engineering

It is also called back engineering. It is the procedure of extracting information from anything and then reproducing it by using the extracted information. It can be also used to crack software and media in order to dismiss their copy protection.

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In contrast, we have highlighted some languages that are popular among hackers :

  1. Python
  2. Ruby
  3. JavaScript
  4. C
  5. C#
  6. PHP
  7. Java
  8. C++
  9. Haskell
  10. Clojure
  11. CoffeeScript
  12. Objective-C
  13. Lisp
  14. Perl
  15. Scala
  16. Scheme
  17. Other
  18. Erlang
  19. Lua
  20. SQL

So, these are the programming languages that are learned by hackers for various purposes. In other words we can also say that hacker is a person who finds the vulnerabilities in a computer system or computer network and then exploits them. Hackers do hacking for various purposes like profit, challenge, fun or report the weakness to the organization [Flaws].

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