How To Edit A Pdf File
How To Edit A Pdf File

Today almost everone either a student, businessman or anyone else must deals with pdf files while working on computer. We also download some pdf files from internet too or sometime a person encode a file into a pdf format. The major issue with pdf format is that you can’t directly edit the pdf files as you can do with all your word, notepad documents etc. Actually pdf is a portable document format that is used to tranfer files along without editing so you can’t edit that files. But sometime we need to edit a pdf file. So to resolve this issue i have a method to Edit a pdf file. By this you will be able to edit any pdf file to any extent. Just follow the below method to proceed. Check out How To Edit PDF File

How To Edit PDF File

There are many methods to edit a pdf file, but below i will be discussing best and easy method to do so.

#1 Method: Using Adobe Acrobat To Edit A Pdf File

  1. First of all open file in Acrobat.
  2. Now click on Edit PDF tool at the right pane.
  3. Then click on the text or image you wish to edit in the file.
  4. Now add or edit text of the pdf page.
  5. Also you can add, replace, move, or resize images on the page using selections from the Objects list there.

Thatsit save the file and you will  have new edited pdf with you.

#2 Method : Online Pdf To Word Convertor

In this method we will use online service to convert our file to a simple word document which can be easily editable in the microsoft word.

  1. Open the wesite pdfonline.
  2. Here you will upload your pdf file by clicking on upload button on the website.
  3. Now it will change your pdf document into word document .
  4. Download the word document and edit it accordingly.
  5. Now either you can save the document as .pdf format or visit the site again and in word to pdf section upload your file to get back the edited file as pdf.

Thats it your file get edited.

#3 Method: Using Inkscape to Edit a Pdf File

Inkscape is one of the best pdf editor software that will makes your work too easy. Just follow the below steps to proceed.

  1. First of all download and install Inkspace according to your OS from here.
  2. Now open the software and select open from file menu. And open the pdf file you want to edit.
  3. Now click on “A” symbol at the vertical menu in left side of the program’s window to edit text of opened PDF file.
  4. Now edit the text you want to edit and then from file menu click on save option.

Thats it you are done your file will get edited.

So above are the methods for How To Edit A Pdf File. By using these methods you can easily edit any pdf files in your computer and can share it with your friends or members etc. These methods are very simple and easy to implement. Hope you like the post. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.