12 Best Graphics HD Game For Android 2016
12 Best Graphics HD Game For Android 2016

Best Graphics HD Game For Android Almost 60-70% mobile user in a world are using android now and many of them incorporating me admires to play games on our android. We evermore desire to play games with good graphics quality in our android. Here are 12 best games which are high in graphics and supports smooth gameplay.

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Sometimes we get stuck with the screenshots of the game, that is game’s graphic attribute doesn’t equal with its screenshot that has been exposed for it. So in this post I will tell you the best graphics games of android, I have picked certain game as best graphics game of android on the base of their reviews, user feedbacks and game ratings.’ These include best HD games of android.

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12 Best Graphics HD Game For Android That You Must Play

#1 Half Life 2 

Half-Life 2 is very popular games among the gamers. This game is  available for the Android devices. In this game, there is  scientist Gordon Freeman resists to undiscovered monsters. This is best Graphics legendary Game. The major element of this game is the cache to be downloaded.

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Game Features

  • Digital Actors: Experience the most sophisticated in-game characters ever witnessed
  • Advanced AI: Friends and foes assess threats and fashion weapons from what is at hand.
  • Stunning Graphics: Incredibly realistic environments and special effects.
  • Physical Gameplay: Objects obey the laws of gravity, friction, and buoyancy.

#2 Rival Knights 

This is the best HD adventure game in Google Play Store.It is very popular game downloaded by million of gamers. The Graphic quality of this game is very good. In this game, you have to fight many battles and by fighting different battles, new powers will get added.

Game Features

  • Experience the thrill of fast-paced & highly addictive jousting for free
  • Sharpen your war skills with precision timing & aim
  • Battle ruthless foes & rival clans across 5 leagues to seize their castles & thrones
  • Embark on an adventure across the kingdom, become a champion & etch your name into history!

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#3 Special Force- Online Fps 

This is the best Shooting game of  android. You can play this game online with your friends. The graphic quality of this game is just awesome. This game also supports multiplayer in it.

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Game Features

  • World’s first real-time multiplayer gun battle(Shooting) on mobile
  • 30+ actual weapons with the different gun specs
  • Customize your character with various costume items and skills.
  • Group and battle with your friends: Clan System

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#4 Modern Combat 5: Blackout 

This game is developed by Gameloft  and published by Gameloft. This is awesome one-person shooter game.The graphics quality of this game is also very good. There is the wide range of shooting guns in it. And this game also had very positive user ratings.

Game Features

  • 6 customizable classes that you can level up across single- and multiplayer
  • Epic team clashes in Squad vs. Squad matches
  • Accumulate XP and level up by playing both single-player missions and multiplayer matches
  • Fast-paced story missions with various challenges taking you from Tokyo to Venice
  • Intuitive, highly customizable controls so you can play the game just the way you want

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#5 Thor: TDW- The Official Game 

Thor, the mighty God of Thunder, in this official action-adventure game. This game is very popular as it is based on the movie Thor. Difficulty level increases very rapidly after passing each level areas. The game’s graphic quality is also good.

Game Features

  • Train and fight alongside legendary Asgardians such as Sif, Heimdall, and the Warriors Three.
  • Traverse the Worlds to stand in defense against the Marauders and Dark Elves, and free them with your Allies.
  • Unlock and upgrade 10 powerful hammers and armor sets for the hero Thor
  • If you can’t beat the world, beat your friends: Tower over everyone on the Friends leaderboard for greater rewards!

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#6 Edge Of Tomorrow Game

This is the best game you had ever played. This is warrior game with different adventure views in it. In this game, there is one power Up that is 1UP available in every level which gives additional life to a warrior. The graphic quality of this game is superfine.

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#7 Dead Effect

This is another example of the best Shooting game of android. This game is designed by Bullypix. According to graphic quality, this game is at a top. Actually, this game is  zombie shooting. You have to kill all the zombie to survive to next levels.

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Game Features

  • An epic single player campaign awaits you with more than 5 hours of story gameplay. Space is cold and full of horrors.
  • Throughout the campaign, you will find new weapons and money to upgrade your armory.
  • Discover the mysteries of the ESS Meridian, and wander around its impressive
  • environments with intense background music.
  • Use your special ability to slow down the time and defeat even the toughest enemies!
  • Will you take up the challenge and try to defeat all your enemies in survival mode arenas?Unlock all the achievements and get all the weapons available!

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#8 Assassin’s Creed Pirate

As we all are familiar with Assassin’s Creed game of Computer. Now this game is available for mobiles too. This is One of the best Hd game of android. Users ratings of this game are also very good. This game is available on play store for free.

Game Features


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#9 Deus Ex: The Fall

This is  cyberpunk action role-playing and stealth android game. This game is just awesome and has very goog graphics quality. Download and install this game for Rs.50 in Google Play Store.

Game Features

  • Fight for survival in a global conspiracy
  • Every action has a consequence
  • The search for the truth spans from mafia hideouts in Moscow to the slums of Panama
  • Hours of gameplay with multiple ways to play

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#10 Leo’s Fortune

It is one of the award-winning adventure game, It is the premium game that means you have to buy this game to enjoy it! you need to hunt down the cunning and thief that already stolen your gold, the graphics are beyond extraordinary and the gameplay is also smooth. It will be one of the epic adventure game you will ever play for sure.

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#11 Dead Trigger 2

It is the Zombie Shooter Game, following up by its previous one named Dead trigger, It is one of the most played games in Android, so if you are looking game which is high in detailed graphics and love hardcore action then this will be the perfect match for you, you need to clear missions by killing zombies. The gameplay is fast and smooth

Game features

  • Travel across 10 regions in different parts of the world.
  • Explore 33 unique environments.
  • Grab your favorite Zombie annihilator from 37 kinds of weapons.
  • Go for the action in more than 600 gameplay scenarios.

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#12 RoboCop

One of a favorite game is Robocop. This is the very addictive game and available for free on Google Play Store. In this game, there is a robot warrior which have to kill the enemies. This is actually a shooting game. The graphics quality of this game is very good. Must play this awesome game of android .

Game Features

  • Shoot your way through console-quality training simulations
  • Use drone strikes to take out large groups of enemies
  • Save human hostages and capture informants
  • Battle aggressive robot enemies from the film, like the EM-208 and the ED-209
  • Upgrade your weapons and robotic suit to the latest technology that OmniCorp has to offer
  • Scan your targets with body heat vision to find their location and weak points

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Best Graphics HD Game For Android – Above are the Best Graphics Game of Android. All of these game are best if connected to graphics quality. You will need some free RAM space to run this game because these game will use some extra RAM than other normal games. Above game includes shooting, adventure and racing games. Don’t forget to share this post. Leave a comment to give your feedback about these games.