Tab Manager Google Chrome Extensions
Tab Manager Google Chrome Extensions

Here in this article you will know the best chrome tab manager extentions that you can use to manage the tabs in the browser.

We all use Google chrome on daily basis nearly and we also know that the google chrome is one of the best and most popular browser. As we know that we can open many tabs in the browser and same can be done for google chrome also but to make the things easier and to handle the tabs with easly without any hassle there are many chrome tab manager extensions out there to sort it.

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Top 7 Best Google Chrome Tab Manager Extensions

So below are the some of the best chrome extensions that you will love to have in your browser to manage tabs in it.

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#1 TooMany Tabs

It makes using up multiple chrome tabs very easy task as it shows a preview of all the open tabs when clicked on its toolbar icon all you have to do is to select any one of it that you want access to.There is also a search bar that you can use to quickly search the tabs through their title names.The intersting feature of this program is that it can automatically backup/restore active tabs to your Google Drive account and other than that the idle tabs can be accessed and organised via seperate column.Extension 1

#2 The Great Suspender

It is great extension that you can find to use for extending the google chrome tabs and this program is also open source hence you can find it easily on network for downloading.If you want the unsaved tabs,pinned tabs etc to be managed easily then The Great suspender is the best one as it can also check whether these tabs are suspended or not.Extension 2

#3 Tabli

Amazingly designed for super easy use this extension can not only manage multiple chrome tabs but can also manage multiple chrome windows.In its toolbar, Tabli shows listing of all the open tabs grouped by chrome windows in which they are open.Tabs in chrome windows can be saved for later use and it can save about a group of tabs also as bookmarks.Extension 3

#4 Tab Manager

One of the simpler extensions that you can use for managing Chrome tabs.It camn display the open websites via their favicons that you can click on to jump to the corresponding tab.You can further change its layout to display a vertical listing of open tabs’ titles.The quick access buttons like pin tabs,open new chrome windows,search bar will also make your task much easier.Extension 4

#5 Session Buddy

It is the most powerful Chrome tab management extensions that is available right now.It constantly keeps the check on the active browsing sessions and lets you save or restore them by just a click.Session buddy can also store the information of different sessions in many formats like JSON,HTML and CSV.You will also get some extensive tweaking options and using those you can configure everything from session names to maximum session counts that can be saved also.The ability to hide/duplicate tabs and keyboard shortcuts also make it exceptional.Extension 5

#6 OneTab

It can handle up many tabs all in one by converting the all open tabs into a list from where they can be restored also either one at a time or all at once.OneTab quickly frees up the memory taken by the chrome tabs therefore the multiple tabs can be worked on easily with fast responsive speed.Multiple tabs can also be saved /restored as a group and you can also specify options to include/exclude certain tabs from one tab.Extension 6

#7 Tab Outliner

A very simple design that you will surely get hang on once you got familiar with it.Tab Outliner displays all the active tabs in a tree like structure and you can also drag and drop text from webpages to the tab list so as to create short notes hence making the management easier.It provides hover over like buttons that can perform actions like cloning already open tabs and even opening the Google Documents.Extension 7

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So these are 7 Best Google Chrome Tab Manager Extensions. Things get much easier if one could get some help from others. For helping you in managing chrome tabs there are many extensions available but the best one’s that are listed above are the mostly prefered. Go on with any of these and you will find them to be a great time saving deal.